We offer a wide range of photo booths anywhere from the traditional closed-style photo booth to the new open-style touchscreen photo booths that are all the rage right now. All of our booths come equipped with DSLR cameras, with the exception of our latest Gas Lamp and Broadway, which are equipped with high resolution iPad Pro cameras, tested to ensure maximum quality every time. We use only the best software out there that can be customized to fit your needs so no matter what event, we know your guests will always be impressed.


Guests will never miss a moment of the party while our roaming photographer brings the photo experience to them. This option includes all of the same social sharing and print options as a regular photo booth just without the lines and guests having to leave the fun. Perfect for conventions, social events, and marketing activations.


Looking for a more personal experience than all the new technology filled booths out there? Our portrait studio is the answer as we bring the photo studio to you. Our live photographer will work with your guests to get the best positions and lighting so every picture comes out perfect while ensuring the guests have a blast in the process.


Immerse your guests in a digital experience allowing them to pick from multiple backgrounds that can be anything and anywhere. Our creative team will work with you to come up with the perfect ideas to captivate your guests while tying in your theme and logo into the design. Guests will love the experience and it’s something they will never forget.


Take a step out of the norm and let your guests move, shake, and boogie down while our cameras catch all the action. Your guests will get an animated clip with all their shenanigans as well as a print out with each of the frames included on it. This is one of our most popular options and lets your guests show off their moves.


Put the camera in your guest’s hands and let them be the photographer wherever they are. Designate a hashtag and let guests shoot away and tag themselves and our software will take it from there. Guest’s pictures will show up on our sharing stations where they will be able to post to all their social outlets as well as print. Great for large events and festivals so you can still get that same brand experience but without having to wait in lines.


Why speed through life’s fun when you can slow it down to 120 frames per second? Our custom slow motion camera will catch every moment of the action so every smile, grin, and movement is caught in High Definition and can be shared with all your guest’s friends and co-workers. You would be surprised how funny life is at this speed.


Take your guests to a new level with our virtual reality software. Guests will be placed in a world of your choice that we can brand and customize to your liking. This is the newest and hottest thing out right now so be the first to let your guests experience VR first hand at your event.


Let your guests create works of art in midair while our specialized software catches it all. Our light painting artists, using our custom light tools, will create fun and engaging designs around your guests and can even show them how to do it themselves if they are up for it. If you are looking for something new and not done over and over again, this option is sure to get the reaction you want.


Blow your guests away with our new 180-degree Boomarray option. Guests strike a pose and let our professional photographer capture the fun from one side to the other. The effect that our array makes will leave your guests in awe while having a blast at the same time.


Don’t see something that sparks your interest or have an idea and want to know if it’s possible? Call us up and ask because we are always coming up with new and fun services to roll out to our clients. We do custom experiences and always like to push the limits of our software so no matter what or how crazy your idea is, good chance we have looked into it or might even be testing it out as we speak.

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