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Photo Booths

Fun & Always Entertaining

Photo Booths have evolved so much over the years, from the Traditional enclosed styles with the classic photo strips, now to Open-Style photo booths with beautiful backdrops, and even Vintage style photo booths! We have it all with plenty of options to choose from to fit your needs.

  • Print and/or Digital Available

Green Screen

Transport Yourself Anywhere!

Chromakey technology is not just for the movies! Let us transport your guests to the beach, or a Mardi Gras float, or even to the moon! Photos, GIF, and Videos captured in front of a green screen allows us to change their background and superimpose them anywhere you can think of!

  • Blue Screen also available upon request
  • 1-2 hour set up time for typical installations
  • Print and/or Digital Available


Let’s Get Glamorous!

Have you ever wished you could touch-up your photos on the fly and look like the person on the cover of a magazine? Well, now you can! With our chic and fabulous GLAM option, we use custom photo editing actions to touch up your photo live and instantly. Say good-bye to wrinkles and blemishes and say hello to your perfectly edited black and white glamour shot every time.

  • Solid white backdrop included for best results
  • 1-2 hour set up time for Print + Digital version
  • Print and/or Digital Available

Portrait Studio

Live Photography

The most popular option for galas, our Portrait Studio will make your guests feel like they are walking the red carpet with their own photo shoot! Our professional live photographers will work with each guest to position and pose them in order to capture the perfect photo.

  • 1-2 hour set up time for typical installations
  • Print and/or Digital Available

Gas Lamp

Uniquely New Orleans

Try out our very own custom, patented, Louisiana-made Gas Lamp Photo Booth. This booth is sure to wow your guests with a style that is just as cool and unique as our city!
With a faux flickering flame light housed inside an authentic French Quarter Bevolo copper lamp, this booth will be sure to light up the night in a Big Easy kind of way!

  • Custom Street Sign made for you and is yours to keep after!
  • 30 min – 1 hour set up time for Digital only version
  • 1-2 hour set up time for Print + Digital version
  • Self-service / Drop-off available for Digital version or can include an on-site attendant
  • Battery-powered option available for Digital version upon request
  • Print and/or Digital Available


Simple and Sleek

This booth is the perfect addition to any event. With the built-in ring light providing professional lighting and the super sleek style, this photo booth will keep your guests entertained all night. From single photos, to 3-frame GIFs, and even Boomerangs, there is something for everyone

  • Self-Service / Drop-off and pick up (Attendants available for an additional charge)
  • 30 min – 1 hour set up time prior to event starting
  • Battery-powered option available upon request
  • Digital


What You Get When You Cross a Boomerang + Camera Array

This service uses a single-DSLR camera attached to a 48” curved camera slider to give an effect like no other. The camera slides along the 48” slider to capture 180º angle of fun for a cool Matrix-like effect!

  • 1.5-2 hour set up time for typical installations
  • Digital

Roaming Photographer

Instant Gratification

How often do your event photographers snap a photo during your event, but the guests never even see how the photo turned out, let alone receive a copy of it? Our Roaming Photography service bridges that gap and instantly allows the guests to preview their photo and then text or email it to themselves right on the spot! We only use high-end DSLR cameras so the photos we capture are high quality and are great for marketing material, sharing online, and we can even add a print station for instant on-site printing!

  • 30 min – 1 hour set up time prior to event starting
  • Print and/or Digital Available

Roaming Photo Booths

Because FUN Happens Everywhere!

No more waiting in lines or having to leave the action to go take a picture. Our friendly and professional photographers bring the photo booth wherever the fun is happening! This service is great for events with a variety of rooms or maybe where space is limited and you don’t have room for a stationary photo area. This option brings so much versatility and guests love it!

  • Set Up Space: None!
  • Electricity needed: None!
  • 30 min – 1 hour set up time prior to event starting
  • Digital

Photo Cookies

Photo Booth + On-site Custom Printed Cookies

These photos may not stay around long, but the memories will! If you are looking for a unique, entertaining, and delicious party favor for your next event, consider our new edible photo cookie service! First, snap a photo at our photo booth, then watch your photo transform into a tasty creation all right before your eyes.

  • 150 cookies included (minimum)
  • 1-2 hour set up time for typical installations
  • Print + Digital


Custom Mardi Gras Beads!

Get ready to make your event unforgettable with our newest one-of-a-kind service… introducing the Mardi Gras Photo Medallion! Your guests can now have their photo captured at your event and instantly receive their photo placed onto their very own Mardi Gras beads right on the spot! Looking for even more branding options? Let us custom print your logo on the backside of the beads for an even more memorable keepsake!

  • 250 bead necklaces included (minimum)
  • 1-2 hour set up time for typical installations
  • Print + Digital


Light Tunnel Experience

Strike a pose with our electrifying Light Tunnel Vogue Experience! Step into the limelight and capture stunning photos and videos which can be in-stantly shared digitally to your guests or add printing for a physical takeaway they can keep!

  • Photo & Video options for guests to choose from
  • Includes Light Tunnel Enclosure (requires 10’x10′)
  • 2-2.5 hour set up time for typical installations
  • Print + Digital


Travel Back in Time

Enjoy the good ol’ times and throw it back in style with our Vintage Photo Booth! This photo booth is equipped with the modern-day technology including a DSLR camera along with professional photo booth software allowing us povide an instantaneous photo experience. This service can be all digital or can include instant print outs after each session. How’s that for the 21st Century?

  • 1-2 hour set up time for typical installations
  • Print + Digital

Slow Motion Video

Hooow Ssssslooooww caaannn yoooouu goooooo???

Why speed through life when you can slow it down to 120 frames per second? Our slow motion camera will catch every moment of the action. All videos are fully branded with the option to include royalty-free music at no additional charge.

  • Confetti and other slow-motion style props can be incorporated, but require permission from the venue
  • Digital

Hashtag Printing


Put the camera in your guest’s hands and let them be the photographer wherever they are. Designate a hashtag and let guests shoot away and tag themselves and our software will take it from there. Guest’s pictures will show up on our sharing stations where they will be able to instantly receive their printed copy. Great for large events and festivals so you can still get that same branded experience but without having to wait in lines.

  • Print + Digital

Virtual Photo Booth

Any Device, Any Time, Anywhere!

Whether you’re looking for a safe and touch-free photo experience for your event or if you want to give all your family and friends who couldn’t make it the option to participate in the fun virtually, our VIRTUAL Photo Booths are the perfect solution. Why not put the photo booth in each and every person’s hand? Click a link or scan a QR code and guests will be taken to a custom branded experience where they can take a photo, GIF, or Boomerang and then share it with everyone onsite.

  • Digital (on-site printing services available through custom quote)

Looking for something more? You’ve come to the right place! Our BoogiEX services are for those on the experiential side who want a fully customizable and creative experience. These are not your standard photo or video services so be ready to get creative and let’s see what we can come up with!
These options are great for brand activations, festivals, sporting events, and other events where a VIP experience is what you are looking for.

360° Video

The hottest video experience available!

Let us take your guests for a spin and allow them to experience the fun from every angle. We use a 48” circular platform and have a high frame rate DSLR camera that spins around the guests and creates and experience like no other. Add some royalty-free music (included), along with custom transitions and effects, this will be something your guests will never forget.

  • Custom decal included on 360 platform where guests will stand
  • Set Up Space: 15’ x 15’ uninterrupted area (no walkways, must be hard and even floor surface)
  • Electricity needed: 1 standard 110v power outlet, up to 15Amps
  • 2-3 hour set up prior to event starting
  • Digital

Camera Array

Bullet-Time Photography

Our custom-built 7-camera array uses bullet-time photography to capture a single image from multiple angles all in a split second. Think “Matrix effect” and let’s see your best Neo moves!

  • Custom decal included on 360 platform where guests will stand
  • Set Up Space: 12’ x 15’ uninterrupted area (no walkways)
  • Electricity needed: 1 standard 110v power outlet, up to 15Amps
  • 2-3 hour set up prior to event starting
  • Digital


Printed Wall Mosaics + Digital Mosaics

Another great option for festivals, multi-day activations, conventions, and other large gatherings! A photo experience comes included with this service and can be with a regular photo booth, green screen, a roaming photographer, photos submitted by guests, hashtags, and more! Printed mosaics come in a variety of sizes and are hand-placed by the guests using grid coordinates. We also have digital mosaics and these are great when you want to display the live mosaic on multiple screens so guests can watch the mosaic come to life live as photos are added throughout the event.

  • Set up time varies per activation
  • Print and/or Digital Available

Designer Gifs

Immerse Yourself

Tired of the same static backgrounds that everyone is using where people just stand there and smile? We are! Let us create immersive experiences that guests can feel part of using options that fit your style, whether with green screen, customized backdrops, and more! Show off your best slam dunk pose, or step inside a digital snowglobe… no animation is too far out of our reach.

  • Electricity needed: 1 standard 110v power outlet, up to 10Amps
  • 1-2 hour set up prior to event starting
  • Print + Digital Available

Light Painting

Neon and Glow Parties

Let your guests create works of art in mid-air while our customized software catches it all. Our light painting artists, using our custom light tools, will create fun and engaging designs around your guests and can even show them how to do it themselves.

  • Full black enclosure available or can set up in dimly lit area of venue for best results
  • 2-3 hour set up prior to event starting
  • Print + Digital Available

Projection Mapping

Custom Projection Displays and Gobo Services

Turn your guests into the canvas and we’ll design directly on them to create an experience they have never seen before. Our projection mapping team will develop creative scenes that project onto the guess or objects around them and allow them to become living pieces of art using the latest 3D mapping technology. This service does not need to be tied to a photo experience and can be used by itself.

  • Allow guests to snap their own photos in front of the display, or add a photo/video experience to let us capture it for them!
  • Set up time varies per activation

Video Booths

Mini-Commercials & Music Videos

Looking for that Instagrammable moment that goes viral or the next hottest TikTok video? Let our video experts come up with a unique and fun experience using custom effects and transitions just like the large productions studios use. We can include jump cuts, fades, zooms, and even add music to tie the entire experience in with your brand. Ask about our Video service that allows guests to “sign the camera lens” and capture their written messages in real time!

  • Set up time varies per activation
  • Digital

Custom Fabrification

You Dream It. We Build It.

Our fabrication department can make any vision come to life! Whether it be CNC routing, laser cutting, powder coating, we can do it all.

  • LED Signs (Neon-style)
  • Hedge Walls / Boxwood backdrops
  • Photo/Video Kiosks
  • Backdrops & Scenes
  • Conference exhibit booth buildouts
  • Custom photo or video experiences
  • Custom Photo Booths
  • And anything else you can dream up!

Sani Studio

Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage

Keep those hands clean and those minds engaged with our new digital display option which includes a built-in automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with a 1-gallon reservoir and a 21.5” LCD display that is great for meeting signage, promotional images and videos, Social Media Feeds, dynamic content, and more! Add your logo as a decal or wrap the entire unit with your branding which can be a great marketing opportunity for sponsors!

  • Rental, Lease, and Purchase options available
  • Floor Stand or Wall Mount versions
  • Liquid Sanitizer available (70% isopropyl alcohol)
  • Graphic Design & Video services available
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